Let's Go Istanbul

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Let's Go Istanbul

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Feel This city! ... Feel The Rhythm

Where to Visit Istanbul in One Week.
If you have a full one week and you want to spend it as efficient as possible, here are my suggestions for you. You can change the ranking of days upon your request.
  Now it is time to relax. So today's program is to take a ferry and visit one of the prince's islands. There are 5 small islands near to Istanbul; each of them has a different sight. However I would advice to visit "Buyukada", which is the biggest of all and the name is also Big Island. Ferry to the islands leaves from Eminonu. And the schedule could be obtained from the below address Timetable, You should look on the left side where "Sirkeci" was written, which is depart from Eminonu, and follow the line for arrival to "Buyukada".

After stopping in 3 islands, It takes around 1,5 hours to reach Buyukada One favorite feature at the island is the Silence. As there are no private vehicles allowed on the island. Horse and carriage rides around the island are available which are locally called as Faytons. You can have a full round trip of the island or a half course by the Faytons. I would advice to have a half tour to "Ayayorgi", where there is an old Greek Monastery. You can also walk to the monastery, however to climb the hill is rather difficult. If you take a fayton to Ayayorgi, it will leave you on a square and you need to climb up a very sharp hill. At the top of the hill old monastery is nice to visit, however the best thing is to have a cold drink (Beer) or nice food at the restaurant, operated by local folks. The view of Istanbul is outstanding and you can have a chance to see a full spot of Istanbul. Have your beer with some fried potato and enjoy the landscape. On the way back you can walk to the harbor, While you are walking you will see very nice summer houses, all attractive and elegant. So don't forget your camera. You can tour around the center of the island or if it is summer time you can enjoy swimming in the island. So carry your swimsuits also... I recommend no to visit the islands at weekends in summer time, it will be packed with people.


Istanbul is a city on Two continents, so if you have never been before. You have the chance to visit Asia. Asian side of Istanbul has nothing touristy. But still has nice attractions to see. While European part is the commercial center, Asian side is the residential center with nicer environment and houses.
  Easiest way to go to Asian side is by ferry. When you reach the Eminonu pier on the second dock you will see the ferries leaving for Kadikoy. when you take a ferry from Eminonu to Kadikoy. (Ferries leave in every 15-20 minutes). After 20 minutes you will see Kadikoy port. The single stored theater and the port will be the first sides you can catch. And the big yellow balloon on the right edge side. When you reach Kadikoy, just step out and now you are in Asia. Sorry no welcome sign.

Once you are in Kadikoy, Walk to the right to the Istanbul Balloon. As the balloon is so big it's inevitable to see that. If its not so windy I suggest a jump to the balloon, where you will see Istanbul up above 200 meters. A huge balloon, which can carry up to 30 people at one time will rise up 200 meters above the sea level.. The balloon will move only up and down. The Balloon is taking off near from the Sea bus port at Kadikoy. The price of the tour is 15 TL(~ 9,- Euro). The balloon is operating from 09:00 to 18:00.

After the Balloon now is the time for nostalgic tram. Nostalgic tram is running between Kadikoy and Moda and making a ring. The first stop of the Tram is near the Balloon, to the bus stops. You can easily find it. Tram tickets cost 1 million Trl (0,7, USD). As the tram is making a ring, I advice first making a full tour, to see interesting sites of Kadikoy and Moda, a nd afterwards without getting off, continue to "Altiyol", which is the start of the pedestrian street. From Altiyol starts the pedestrian street, which is a smaller version of Istiklal Street. However as its less touristy, you can feel more comfortable. Shopping in Kadikoy has more reasonable prices, and you can find many shops to have at least a window-shopping. While walking you will see the narrow streets of Kadikoy; you can walk along to the Kadikoy market, a nice and cozy place. You will see small roads with many nice shops. Walk to left and right and up and down. You will like to be in Asia. When you are near to Altiyol Square, look for the "Sanatcilar sokagi" where many nice handmade things, nice silver wears are being sold.

After you have competed your tour around Kadikoy, you may visit Bagdat Street, which is the most famous street of Asian side. Or you may want to have  a look at the Kalamis Marina. Some nice restaurants and cafes are available in summer both at Bagdat Street and Marina.


    Ortaköy is the place to visit on Sundays. If you are lucky and the sun is also shining, then you will definitely have memorable moments at Ortaköy. Ortaköy is one of the must see places at Istanbul and if you happen to be there on a Sunday, than you will enjoy more.

A small part of the city, on the Bosphorus shore, hosts a Sunday market and weekend attractions for Locals. However it's attractive for Tourists also. You can find very interesting handmade stuffs as well as paints and silver accessories. The historical houses and streets are under protection and most have been restored. You can see people gathered around the Ibrahim Pasha fountain every day. Watching the sail boats docked at the wharf is an interesting sight also.. There are many coffee and teahouses, restaurants, fast-food shops in Ortaköy. Eating authentic Turkish food such as gözleme or eating Baked potato is a favorite thing.

Walking distance from Besiktas (A tough one). There are buses and regular taxis passing from the Region. Just at the edge of the Bosphorus Bridge (1st one). The buses that leaves to Ortakoy from Eminonu are 22, 22 RE And 25.

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