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Transportation From The Airport..

For many years the only transport from Istanbul Ataturk airport to the city center, Taxis and airport coaches were the only alternatives. As most tourists stay at the old Istanbul Peninsula, now there is an easy and convenient way of transport. The new rail system has reached to the airport and you can travel easily by this means of transport.

You can choose in between Metro, Airport shuttle services and taxis depending on your destination and your budget. If you are going to stay at Touristy peninsula (Aksaray, Sultanahmed) Metro and tram connection is a good alternative. If you are going to stay at Taksim, Beyoglu or nearby, you should think of Airport Shuttle or Taxis. If you are going to travel to another city by bus from Istanbul, than you should take Metro which goes directly to the Main bus terminal.

By Metro:
After the arriving hall, when you go outside the main building, there you will see stairs down to the Metro stop.. In every 5 minutes there is a Metro running to Aksaray and the Touristy peninsula starts right after Aksaray. Metro operates between 06:00 to 24:00 hrs. The cost is 1,3 TL (~ 0,9USD.) And tokens can be obtained from the Airport metro station.

If you want to travel to Sultanahmed or surronding districts than you need to follow Metro with a Tram connection. After taking the Metro from the airport, you need to continue with the light rail system ( Tram) afterwards to get to Sultanahmet district. Metro has two connection points with the Tram line. So you can either take the connection point at Zeytinburnu stop or Aksaray Stop( Last Stop). Zeytinburnu stop is just after 6 stops from the airport. When you exit from the metro line, you can easily see the Tram line just below the exit of Metro. Just walk down the stairs and you are there. This is also the starting point of Tram line. The Tram line starts from Zeytinburnu and continues to Sultanahmed area. The first stops of the tram line are passing from the industrialized places so it looks weird in the beginning. If you miss Zeytinburnu stop, than you need to continue till the last stop to Aksaray. When you reached the last stop of Metro at Aksaray station, exit from the metro station, you will see the signs of the Tramline. You shall walk around 100 meters, Tramline is just a head of Metro station. You will arrive to "Yusufpasa station" of the Tram line. You shall get on the Eminonu Line which is on the other side of the pedestrian passage. Tram tokens can be obtained in every stop and the cost is again 1,3 TL.

Trams are passing in every 5 minutes. And they have a good air condition system. When you get on the tram the first stop is Aksaray, there are several hotels in this district, Watch out for yrs. The next stop is the University, followed by Beyazit and cemberlitas. Afterwards you will be in Sultanahmet square another main district and many hotels are also located nearby. After three more stops, Tram arrives to Eminonu. The pier and port of the touristy region.

By Airport Shuttle:
Airport Shuttle services are organized by Havas company. Buses of Airport Shuttle services waits outside the arriving hall.  There are shuttle services to the following destinations Taksim, Etiler & Kozyatagi (Asian side). Most of the travelers do use the Taksim line. Shuttle destinations, working hours and fares are according to;

Buses to Taksim square : Runs daily at 05:00 and at every half hour between 07:00-23:00. A stop is also made in Aksaray. Fare: 8,5 TL ( 6 USD).

Buses to Etiler (Akmerkez): Runs daily between 07:00- 23:00 at every two hour. Fare: 9,5 TL (7USD)

Buses to Kozyatagi (Asian side): Runs daily between 04:00 - 23:00. Shuttles are available at every hour.  Fare 14 TL ( 9,5 USD)

For more info: Havas web site
By Airpot Taxis:
All Istanbul Taxis are in yellow color, except the airport taxis, which are in orange color. There are around 450 Taxis working at the airport 24 hrs. Unlike other taxis, airport taxis are more thrustable as they are operated by an organization. All taxis have a taximeter with a standard opening fee 2,5 TL (1,8 USD) and 1,0 TL (0,7 USD) per each KM. Night tariff starts at midnight till 06:00 hrs and 50% more than daily tariff. ( Updated on 02/01/2006)

Approx taxi costs and travel time for some districts are like this;

AKSARAY 14- 17 TL 10 -13 20
BAKIRKOY 6- 7 TL 5 -6 10
BOSTANCI 40 - 45 TL 30 -33 40
ETILER 22- 25 TL 16 -19 30
KADIKÖY 30 - 33 TL 22 -25 30
MERTER 8 - 10 TL  6 -8 15
OKMEYDANI 15 - 18 TL 11 -14 25
Esenler Bus terminal 14 - 16 TL 10 -12 25
Sultanahmet 17 - 20 TL 13 - 15 25
SIRKECI 18 - 22 TL 14 -16 25
TAKSIM 20 - 23 TL 15- 17 30

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