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Let's Go Istanbul

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Timeless City.

Travel in Istanbul by Bus

Istanbul mass transport is mainly covered by buses. Buses do leave from main terminals and are traveling almost all around Istanbul. Currently there are more than 2000 buses running daily in the city, Which covers the 91% of the Mass system.

Buses in Istanbul have different colors but this shall not create a problem for a visitor. The green buses are ecological buses, The Red, white buses and orange, blue buses are normal public buses. Only the blue/ green buses are operated by private public bus companies and they mainly travel to the suburbs of Istanbul.

You need to use a ticket or Akbil transit pass system in order to get to bus. Tickets can be obtain from main stops and also from many bus stations and the cost is 1,5 TL (~0,9 USD) for one way. Foreign currencies are NOT accepted. You can read the name of the place you would like to go, on the sign on the side window or in the front. Bus drivers usually do not speak English, so you would better learn your destination before getting on to the bus.

Travel along the Touristy peninsula can be done easily by tram, so you will need to get on the bus when you are traveling else than the touristy area. And some major destinations and bus numbers are as follows.

Sultanahmet - Taksim : T4 (Direct line)
Eminonu - Taksim*: 46Ç, 46H,54E, 66, 70FE, 70KE, 74, 74 A
Eminonu - Ortakoy*: 22, 22 RE, 25E

*Starts from Eminonu and passes from Taksim or Ortakoy and continues other destinations.

Akbil Transit Pass

If you are going to stay for some time in Istanbul, there is an easy way to travel by bus, by metro and ferry. Akbil transit pass is an easy way to get rid of tickets and tokens. This transit pass allows you to travel on all Istanbul's buses, trams, the Tunel, Metro, ferries and fast ferries with a discounted fare from 10% to 25%.

The pass is a small stainless steel "button" on a plastic holder and inside there is a computer chip. This small pass you need to purchase in advance from akbil kiosks, they're near to all bus and tram stops. The deposit fee is 6,- YTL(~4 USD) and you need to purchase some more credit with which you will be without the hassle of having to find a ticket kiosk, buy tickets or tokens, etc.

When you board a bus, tram, ferry, etc., look for people touching their Akbil buttons to the Akbil fare-point, a little circular socket with an orange box. If you think you will use mass transport several times in Istanbul, I advice to purchase an akbil which will save your time and will pay back around 20-30 hop ons.

Bus Touristik:

Istanbul has a new Bus, available for Tourists, Bus Touristic is designed for a special need that most tourists were looking.

Bus touristic starts its journey from the Sultanahmet square and makes a ring around the touristy peninsula around the historical sites and then continue a small tour around the Bosporus. The double Decker bus allows an open roof on the second floor to have easy snap shots on scenes and views. While one guide is narrating the historical and important sites on several languages, you can have an info for all major spots.

Bus touristic is rather different than a sight seeing bus. You do not need to get on the bus from the first stop, as it makes a round tour, you can get it on wherever you catch and also get off where ever you want. You have unlimited hip hop chance during a day with one ticket. So you can get on the bus hop near an interesting site, visit the area and afterwards hip again on a next round tour. It has 18 stops around the city and three buses are making rings regularly, The operational frequency is average 30 minutes at each stop.

One round tour costs 15 Euro per adult and 8 euro for kids (5-12 years). Tickets can be obtained from the hotel receptions, box offices at Taksim and Sultanahmed or boarding on the bus.

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