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Let's Go Istanbul

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Timeless City.
Travel in Istanbul by Metro

In a city like Istanbul,, imagine digging an underground metro, which was the crossroads of civilizations for centuries. While Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul has all their marvelous state of art heritages. Istanbul Metro line is developing but after each excavation another new archeological site is being found which must be studied, catalogued and preserved. , this goes on and on for years. Currently there are two lines in Istanbul which is used by Public. The longest one, which operates as Metro and Light rail line, is the one from the Airport to Aksaray. Most of the line goes on the ground and it only goes underground from Aksaray to Topkapi (See red line on Map) and from Zeytinburnu to Atakoy. This metro line is planned to continue till yenikapi to reach the seaside, however it is unclear at the moment due to on going archaelogical excavations.

The other Metro line, which totally operates underground is the line between Taksim and 4. Levent. This line mostly serves to the business districts as at Levent and 4. Levent many high risers and business centers are built. Taksim line was planned to be extended to Aksaray. However this line is also pending around golden horn for the same reason.

Metro in Istanbul is clean and very efficient. Metro operates from 06:00 hours till midnight (24:00). Metro tokens can be obtained at the counters and you may also use Akbil transit pass. Tokens cost 1,3 YTL, Less than 1 USD.

Tunel ( Historical Underground Metro)

Do you know that Worlds second oldest operating Metro line is in Istanbul ? It was built in 1875 and operating since than. It is the second oldest operating subway system in the World. The Subway has only got two stations, you get on from one stop and get off from the other. The Subway runs from Karakoy to Tunel, the latter area named after the Subway and means subway in Turkish.

The Tunel was made by a French Engineer named Eugene Henri Gavand. In the second half of the 19th Century the Galata region develops economically. Many banks, insurance companies and trade offices has started at the Galata Region. On the other hand the Pera region (Area around the Istiklal Street) was the home for many theaters, shops and entertainment places. Due to the increase of pedestrian traffic between this two regions, demand has increase for an easy transport. Galata and Pera is close distance to each other but there is a remarkable height difference which makes walking as tough.

In this respect Eugene Henri Gavand has decided to built a tunel between this two regions. He has got the necessary permission from the local authorities and finance the tunel with some british banks on 1868. The construction of the Tunel has started on 30th June of 1871. Due to lack of machinaries many empoyees has worked on the construction. The construction of the tunel was completed on december 1874 and the openin of Tunel was made on January 1875.

When the tunel was first built it was the worlds second Subway, after London Metro which was built in 1863. As both lines are still operating Karakoy- Tunel metro line is still the worlds second oldest line.



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