Let's Go Istanbul

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Let's Go Istanbul

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Dance with the rhythm of different cultures
Off the beaten paths of Istanbul.
Archeology Museum

The Famous painter Osman Hamdi Bey has established The Museum in 1891 as Museum of Empire. Currently the Museum with nearly 1 million pieces of Crafts is considered to be one of the world's most important museums. Collections do include pieces from Ottoman Empire period with parts coming from Afghanistan to Balkans and from Arap Peninsula to Africa.

The Museum consists of two main buildings. The first and old building, having two floors has the Sarcophages and tombs and the upper floor has the treasury and library. The second building is the additional building. Having 6 floors but only four floors for exhibition. The highlights of the second building are sections of "Istanbul for Centuries" and "Anatolia for Centuries".
Archeology Museum is between Gulhane Park and Topkapi palace. You can reach there either climbing the right way through Gulhane Park or taking the left way down from the entrance of Topkapi palace. The entrance fee is 5, - YTL (3,5 USD)

Koc Museum:
Koc Museum is one of the new museums of Istanbul. Probably the richest man of Turkey, Mr. Ramie koc has built a museum on the coast of the Golden horn which is the first major museum in Turkey dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications. The collection contains thousands of items from gramophone needles to full size ships and aircraft.
 The Museum is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 and till 19:00 hrs at weekend. The entrance fee is around 5 YTL (3,5 USD) and you shall pay an extra to enter the submarine.
 The museum is easily reachable from the old city. The taxis will cost around 10-15 TL, around 7-10 USD to reach here. Also you can take local buses. On the museum there is a teahouse and also a restaurant. Rates may be higher than a usual restaurant however the atmosphere and quality is relatively good for a museum.  The museum has an English web page where you can have some better info Koc Museum
Balloon Tour:

A balloon that can carry up to 30 person rises 200 meters above Istanbul.. See the beauty of connection of two continents 200m up above. This new event is taking place at Kadikoy, on the Asian side of Istanbul.

The Balloon is taking off near from the Sea bus port at Kadikoy, The Port on the Asian Side.. If you take a ferry from Eminonu to Kadikoy, it will take you to Kadikoy ferry port in 25 minutes. There you need to walk around 150 meters to the Sea bus port to the right side and the base for the Balloon is there. Due to the size of the Balloon you can see it easily.

The price of the tour is 15 TL. Roughly 9,- Euro.. The balloon is operating from 09:00 to 18:00. However it is more related with the air conditions, Balloon can not operate in windy and rainy weather conditions.

La Rue Francaise ( French Street)

A small area full of old houses, just near the old pera region. All houses has been restored and now available for an open air road festival. 29 Houses, 43 shops in between two small roads, all are now hosting new cafes, Brasseries, Patisseries, wine houses and restaurants. And they all are in French style.

The street is behind the "Lycee de Galatasaray", which is just in the middle of Istiklal street. Old historical tram is running in Istiklal street and just in the middle, you will see the tram crossing and big green gates of the school. You should take the road downhill just next to the school and turn behind back to it. Soon you will see people taking a small road down between houses. Here you are in the French district of Istanbul.

Sultans Boats :
If Venice has Gondolas, than Istanbul has the Sultans Boats. Sultan's boats are the Historical boats that are dating back to Ottoman period.. They were on the show at the museums before, but now they are back to normal life.. And they are sailing again.
Boats can carry up to 20 people and there are three boats that are serving currently.  There are two main Routes that are organized.
1) Routine tour at Golden horn. Boats leave near Miniaturk at golden horn and tour around the Golden Horn for around 30 minutes. The price is 20 YTL (14USD). Weekends from 13:30 to 18:30
2) Bosphorus Tour: Boats leave at Besiktas and tour to and fro between Europe and Asia. Tour time is 1 hour. Price 30 USD. Weekends 13:30 - 19:30. www.sultankayiklari.com
Aynalikavak Mansion

Aynalikavak mansion is one of the of the beaten paths in Istanbul, its a remaining building from a large Ottoman palace known as Aynalikavak Palace or Tersane palace, dating back to the 17th century. This pretty building on the shore or the Golden Horn is a reminder that this now built-up area was for centuries a place parks, meadows and streams where the Ottoman sultans and before them the Byzantines came for country excursions.

The Mansion is just after the shipyard at the golden Horn. When you reach the golden horn you will see the Shipyard and when you move inside the golden horn, you will reach the Aynalikavak mansion. For further info: Aynalikavak Mansion

Gates of Istanbul University
Istanbul University is the first University of the Turkish republic, founded on the 10th anniversary of the Republic in 1933. Indeed the history of the university lies far beyond, it is name and structure has been established mainly in 1933.
Though the departments of the university is spread in different regions around Istanbul, The gates of the Beyazit Campus are considered to be the main entrance.
The University hosts thousands of students, besides being a university, the elegant style of the Entrance gates and the Garden are very attractive between locals and tourists. The gates are located in Beyazit square, near Covered bazaar, is also an easy reachable destination in the touristy area.. The tram just pass nearby.. If you drop at Beyazit stop, you need to walk around 150 meters and behind you will see the square and the gates
Corlulu Ali pasha Medresesi ( Nargile House)

It was 1992 when I first been to "Corlulu Ali Pasha Medresesi", though I was living in Istanbul, I was unaware of this mystic place. While walking from Sultanahmet to Covered Bazaar or Beyazit square, it is on the right side on the tramway. Just before the covered bazaar.

Water pipe or as locals calls Nargile is famous in all around the country, there are many places and many ways to try Water pipe. But the best place is with no doubt is this Medrese. Since you are in Istanbul, don't miss this chance and give a visit to this Medrese, which is just on the touristy area, in between Sultanahmet square and Beyazit square, on the tram way.

The medrese has been built in 1709 and named for Ali Pasha who is from Corlu (A town near Istanbul). When you enter from the entrance, you will see a marvelous mystic place, While all the noise of the city is on your back way, you will be dazzled with the smoke of different smells. After you pass the glass wall with all different water pipes and exotic smokes, you will see a tea house with rugs and carpets hanging on the walls, Locals and tourists smoking water pipe and drinking several types of teas on the nice sofas and sitting places. I will advice to have a visit at night. It is absolutely so nice and you can sit there with your friends and enjoy a pleasant night.

Escape to Istanbul


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