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Let's Go Istanbul

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Feel the city, feel the Rhythm.
Weather & Packing

Istanbul's weather is hot in summer and rather cold and rainy in winters. But generally the ratio of sunny days is much more than rainy and cloudy days in a year. As the city lays 95Km from one end to another, the weather can even show different faces inside the city. While it was raining on European side, you can enjoy the hot sun on Asian side.

You don't see much of a spring or autumn in Istanbul, summer and winters are longer. Seasons change very quickly. While August is the hottest month and the most Humid, March mostly shows up with coldest weather and rarely snow can be seen.

Depending on the season arrange your clothes, but before you pack do not forget to bring comfortable shoes. You will be walking in Istanbul quiet a lot. If you plan to use electrical equipments, Turkey uses 220 V, 50hz electricity system with two pins. If your home voltage and frequency is different,  I advice to bring your adapters with you for your electrical equipments..

A small backpack or bag will be useful to be carried during the day. Hot summers will increase your daily water consumption and you can carry bottled water with it and your personal belongings.


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